04: Killing brain cells, Getting inked, Signs of depression

Apr 19, 2020

Do you watch terrible television? We love us some trash tv over here. Like The Bachelor. We watch all of the Bachelors. If your show features attractive people who are emotionally unstable and have unrealistic relationship expectations, we are all-in, brah.

Netflix has been killing it in this space. The Circle was great. Love is Blind—people getting engaged in 10 days or less having never met face to face? Amazing!

This weekend we binged all eight episodes of Too Hot To Handle. Holy shit. It’s the best one yet. A group of ridiculously attractive 20-somethings are sequestered in a Mexican resort. Most of the contestants list “Instagram influencer” as their vocation. All of them were selected for their inability to maintain relationships, their penchant for one night stands, and their loose morals.

The twist? They’re not allowed to have sex! Gold! No kissing. No touching. No masturbating. For a month! Every time one of them breaks a rule, thousands of dollars are deducted from a $100k prize pool and everyone else gets angry. A single kiss costs $3k. You can imagine how fast the prize pool could plummet.

The best part is, nothing makes all these hot people want it more than being told they can’t have it. This all sets up for some delicious drama and intense sexual tension.

If you’re looking to truly waste eight hours of your life, I cannot recommend this show enough. What a time to be alive and self-isolated, folks!

In order to reclaim some of the brain cells I’ve lost watching this garbage, I’m trying to learn something new. Inspired by Robin Sloan’s diary on the making Perils of the Overworld, I’m learning Ink, a plaintext markup/scripting language for interactive fiction and game story design. Just getting started… maybe more on this in the weeks to come…

Seven links

  1. The first time I played this, one of my virtual co workers was open-mouth-chewing an apple or some carrots. I guess I don’t miss the office(.eu) at all. No thanks.
  2. The Oatmeal: #Quarantine4Life
  3. Helpful for those like me who are just starting a practice: How long should I meditate
  4. My fav bag maker Tom Bihn is now making reusable face masks. When you buy one, they donate one as well. Love this!
  5. “The Author will not be on Social Media for the protection of The Author’s mental health and ability to produce genuine thought” — Kit Caless, A utopian vision for the next 10 years of publishing
  6. This is fun: a collaborative effort to name every color in the RGB/web space. Name all the colours.
  7. Did my depression write this?