05: The kids hate rock, I hate ads, Permission granted

Apr 26, 2020

We watched the Post Malone x Nirvana tribute last night. If you haven’t seen it, I know what you’re thinking. I thought so too. But then I got this text from Matt:

"I really wanted to hate this, but holy fuck this guy slays!!! Absolutely worth watching."

Matt’s right. You can think what you want about Post Malone, but I had goosebumps every song. So did Missy. Malone’s voice was raw, "Everyone knows I can’t sing for shit, but I’m trying to sing my heart out for ya’ll tonight." It worked. The set list was perfect. Travis Barker on drums. If you are a Nirvana fan, you gotta watch this.

You know who’s not Nirvana fans? Our kids. I’m not sure where we went wrong, but they hate rock music. They call it "old people noise". Couldn’t wait for it to be over. It might be too late, but we obviously need to be better parents.

Seven links

  1. Are you over all the "we’re in this together" commercials from huge corporations? I am. If you feel like they’re all the same, hollow, meaningless garbage, we might actually be in this, together.

  2. More stuff like this! Hamlet as a Vlogger in Monovlogs.

  3. "If you’re efficient, you’re doing it the wrong way. The right way is the hard way." — Jerry Seinfeld

  4. "There are a few accounts closing like that now, and probably more coming. Hers was 72 dollars and 14 cents. I found her name and drew a line through it.” An oral history of the pandemic. This one from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans: Wearing a mask won’t protect us from our history.

  5. This is the best recipe I’ve ever read.

  6. Frank Chimero’s newsletter is infrequent but great.

  7. You don’t need permission, but if that’s what you’re waiting for, my man Carl’s got you.