Apr 06, 2020

My haircut is not lockdown-friendly.

02: Meme FOMO, TeleNerds, King size

Apr 05, 2020

I have meme FOMO.

I have very little meme-exposure. I quit centralized social media, and now I only follow micro.blog and email newsletters, and both of these are very meme-light mediums. The only ones I see these days are forwarded to me by my wife or friends via iMessage.

From what I understand, during this global health crisis everyone’s meme-game is on point. Top-notch. And I’m missing out on most of them! I can’t find toilet paper. I watched Tiger King. I’m day drinking. I don’t know how to home-school my kids. I like to laugh! Where all my memes at!? I’d almost be willing to rejoin Twitter if it wasn’t such a toxic dumpster fire.

I’m glad I didn’t miss out on Onward, though. What a great movie. It scored an average 8.6/10 here with the Gowanses. There were so many awesome D&D references, I’ve been inspired to research ways we can play some quarantine D&D with our family and friends. Maybe on Discord? Have any of you tried something like this? Reply with any suggestions.

Seven links

  1. “If you want to consume better, consume slower.”
    Margo Aaron

  2. From the Oatmeal: Eight marvelous and melancholy things I’ve learned about creativity

  3. New newsletter from Jez Burrows, Dept. of Enthusiasm is an insta-subscribe.

  4. Speaking of new newsletters, Robin Sloan’s video game development diary, Perils of the Overworld is great so far.

  5. Already bored with isolation? Austin Kleon says that’s ok.

  6. Or, you can listen to some advice from a nun who has been social distancing for 29 years.

  7. Ummm, ys pls. California King /HT @sanspoint


Mar 29, 2020

“Many of my friends are anxiously wondering when our lives will be able to go back to normal. I find myself more anxious that things won't continue to be different.”


01: New routines, Panic liquor, Drawing ducks

Mar 29, 2020

At some point, we’re going to have to start eating breakfast before 11:30 am. It’s been two weeks and we haven’t quite nailed down the ideal self-isolation routine.

To be fair, this would have been Spring Break. We’re supposed to be floating in a Playa Del Carmen resort pool, drinking frozen mudslides. So, we’re cutting ourselves some slack, giving ourselves permission to sleep in and be lazy. Now is not the time to be checking Screen Time numbers.

The other day I heard a rumour that they were going to start closing liquor stores. I immediately panic-bought $200 worth of vodka. They haven’t closed them yet, which is good because we’re already getting low. Our livers might not survive this quarantine. Cheers everyone!

Seven links

  1. “If you can’t find time to write during quarantine, you might as well pack up your pencils.” — David Moldawer, essentially motivating the start of this newsletter.
  2. One of my fav podcasters and newsletter writers, Jocelyn K. Glei reads a daily love letter to her girlfriend who’s stuck in Peru. Dear Ale
  3. Interesting thought experiment from Annie Mueller: If Nobody owed you anything
  4. Schitt’s Creek is my family’s favourite show, so yes, we would love to Dress David Rose.
  5. Edith Zimmerman’s Drawing Links newsletter might be my favourite newsletter ever.
  6. We watched Tom Segura’s special Ball Hog on Netflix and holy shit it’s hilarious. DO NOT watch if you are easily offended. Especially if you are easily offended and from Louisiana. Or Arkansas.
  7. I lol’d at this tweet.


Mar 27, 2020

I just discovered Monochrome Dark in Drafts and I’m, like, way too excited about it. 🤓


Mar 26, 2020

🎧 Dear Ale – one of my fav podcasters and newsletter writers, Jocelyn K. Glei reads a daily love letter to her girlfriend who’s stuck in Peru. ❤️


Mar 25, 2020

Currently reading: Agency by William Gibson 📚