Cat swap plus

My friend Matt has this amazing idea for an app. I think you’re going to like it. We haven’t exactly figured out how it works yet, but that doesn’t matter. The point is that this is going to help a lot of people, and we are going to get rich.

The problem

Browsing your Facebook timeline you are inundated with the same kinds of photos that you’re sick of seeing, over and over: your friends’ smug accomplishments, their in-your-face celebrations, their annoying kids.

The solution

You set the types of events or subjects that annoy you the most. Any time one of these offensive images shows up in your timeline, BOOM! It’s immediately replaced with a random image of a cat!

Imagine this:

  • Friends did an “edgy” engagement photo-shoot? No thanks. Here’s some cats.
  • Endless stream of wedding/honeymoon/vacation photos? Nope, cats.
  • New baby? Cats.
  • Picture of their cat? No, picture of your cat!

I think you get the idea. Basically, it works just like an ad-blocker, except that it’s a cat-swapper. Genius, right? Matt’s a Thought Leader. Of course, he would prefer that all the pictures be of his cat, Obi-wan. Maybe that’s user-configurable; we’re still working out the details.

That explains Cat-Swap. Why plus?

Great question! I’m glad you asked, because I’m really excited about this part.

I’m thinking we put in a button, superimposed over each cat-swapped picture. Not obstructive or anything, just neatly tucked away in the bottom right corner.

Anyway, this button is labelled “Freedom”, and when you click/tap it, your Facebook account is instantly and irrevocably deleted, without confirmation.