2019-11-15 10.37.04

Back to OmniFocus. Now on the Beta. Baby, why did I ever leave you? 💜💜

2019-10-26 11.10.12

Really enjoying Basecamp. It’s less of a ding-dong notification panic, and more of a plan-do-review meditation. Love that it puts everything on my calendar. ⛰

2019-10-21 19.18.38

Taking this for a spin. HT to @gabz for the inspiration and wallpaper.

2019-10-09 11.11.28

Current thought pattern: everyone is mostly wrong about everything, all of the time. Namaste 🙏

2019-10-05 15.59.45

We’re getting ready for Cirque du Soleil Luzia under the big top tonight! 🎪🎭

2019-09-30 22.41.17

🔗 How To Be Brilliant #40: Be There, by Nicholas Bate

2019-09-29 11.33.18

Had a bit too much fun at the 1989 party last night. We are riding the struggle bus pretty hard over here at Casa del Gowans. 🚌

2019-09-28 17.22.41

It’s the 30 year anniversary party of our neighbourhood, so lots of 1989 music tonight! 🎧

2019-09-28 13.41.38

When we create a personal website, we own it – at least to the extent that the internet, beautiful in its amorphous existence, can be owned. — Tobias Van Schneider, A Love Letter to Personal Websites

2019-09-25 20.08.29

Whatever it was in iOS 13 that was MURDERING the battery on my Series 1 watch was resolved either by upgrading to 13.1, or by removing the new Reminders App from my phone. 🤷🏻‍♂️

2019-09-24 21.38.31

Your guy’s getting impeached? Our guy’s dancing around in black-face? Well, here’s 251 words you can spell with a calculator.

2019-09-24 12.35.57

@patrickrhone favour request, if/when you have time: who’s in your RSS reader that I’m likely missing?