2019-09-24 09.30.23

I’ve been trying this thing where I attempt to leave for work with my battery at 100%. No simple task, as my iPhone 7 battery health is at 76%. But definitely helps me leave early. 📱🚫

2019-09-23 15.26.55

At night we drank beer and played Uno and checkers and went to bed early. It felt terrific. — Austin Kleon, Roughing it ❤️ this.

2019-09-22 21.35.13

Stay loose. Let go. There are other bananas. — Frank Chimero, Monkey Trap

2019-09-17 09.16.25

I think I’m finally ready to admit that I’m not going to send an email newsletter any time soon. I’m just here, for now. ✉️🔥🗑

2019-09-10 17.23.03

My iPhone/iPad/computer are all company supplied devices. Being free from upgrade angst is liberating. 📱