2019-10-26 11.10.12

Really enjoying Basecamp. It’s less of a ding-dong notification panic, and more of a plan-do-review meditation. Love that it puts everything on my calendar. ⛰

2019-08-26 07.52.11

Leaving for work 30 minutes earlier increases my quality of life by at least 50%. ⏰

Three step productivity

Any productivity system of value can be distilled down to three simple steps. Write down the shit you need to do. Decide if and when you’re going to do the shit you wrote down. Do the shit you wrote down, when you decided you were going to do it. These steps work in any app,

Hybrid Journal

I have a long and rocky relationship with pen and paper. I’ve often romanticized the idea of keeping a paper journal to record the passage of my life. Yet, despite many attempts over the years, I’ve never been able to stick to any kind of journalling habit for more than a couple of weeks at