out of reach

I bet that big old iPad 2 is really holding you back from getting some serious work done. It’s just too big and cumbersome. Just not “mobile” enough, you know? Have you considered how much more useful an iPad mini would be?

And once you get that mini, you’d probably be way more productive if you bought the whole suite of Omni Group apps. You could line them all up in one row on your home screen, arranged in a spectrum by icon colour. Imagine how sweet that would look! If you did, though, you’d probably have to transition back to OmniFocus from Taskpaper. Even though you just switched to Taskpaper from OmniFocus. No big deal. Time well spent, right?

If you’re going to go back to OmniFoucs, you should really give Evernote another look, too. Did you read Vardy’s post “The Productivity Path”? That seems like a pretty awesome workflow. It might take some time getting all of your plain text notes out of Dropbox and into Evernote. Maybe you could rethink your whole organization system while you do it. You could put EVERYTHING into Evernote, so would you even need Dropbox anymore? Maybe for that distraction-free writing app you’re using.

While we’re on the subject, have you considered what features your current writing app might be missing? Sure, you probably don’t need any of them, per se, but it would be really cool if you had them available, just in case. You should probably go review Terpstra’s iTextEditor chart for an hour or two, or however long it takes you to realize that they’re all juuuuust one or two features short of perfect.

If none of those apps are a fit for your writing needs, maybe it’s time to take another route. You know what is the ultimate distraction-free writing environment? A typewriter! Retro! I bet you can almost hear yourself clickity-clacking out some real creative work on one of those vintage Smith Corona jobs. Just like Hank Moody. Drink! Make sure to spend a bit of time googling which one looks the coolest first.

Hold on, though. Before you sit down to unleash those amazing ideas, to pour those words onto the blank sheet of paper, you should really get your blood pumping. Get some fresh air. Get those creative juices flowing. Now, if you could just choose which fitness app is the best, you’d be set. And you weren’t planning to start running in those old sneakers, were you? Have you looked into what the coolest minimal running trend is …?