still waiting

You haven’t written a word since the end of 2014, because you were waiting.

You were waiting for the right day. You know, because it only makes sense to start something new on a Sunday. Or a Monday. Or as a “fresh start” at the first of the month. Or definitely, definitely on your birthday.

You were waiting until you had set up all of the right routines and scheduled the perfect editorial calendar. You were waiting for that new writing app to come out of beta, or to think of the best idea, or define the most focused niche.

You had to wait until your site had the cleanest design possible. You had to decide if your home page was going to be a “now” page or a blog roll. Or a “now” page. Or a blog roll.

But the Sundays, the Mondays, the firsts and the birthdays have passed. You’ve tried all the apps and wrote down all of the ideas. You’ve made all of the decisions. You’ve either run out things to nitpick in the design, or you haven’t enough skill to make it any better. Yet, somehow, you are still waiting.

You’re resourceful. You’ll always be able to find a reason to hold back. Maybe it’s just time to start, instead.